Botanical Name: Aegopodium podagraria 'Variegatum' Add
Common Name: Variegated Goutweed  
Plant photo of: Aegopodium podagraria 'Variegatum'
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  • Anatomy

  • Culture

  • Design

Plant Type

Ground cover, Perennial


Height Range

Under 1'


Flower Color



Flower Season



Leaf Color

Grey Green, White, Variegated


Bark Color



Fruit Color



Fruit Season



Half, Shade





Growth Rate



Soil Type

Sandy, Clay, Loam, Rocky, Unparticular


Soil Condition

Average, Rich, Poor, Well-drained


Soil pH

Neutral, Basic


Adverse Factors

Allergenic, Invasive

Design Styles

Meadow, Wild Garden, Woodland


Accenting Features

Unusual Foliage


Seasonal Interest

Spring, Summer


Location Uses

Parking Strip, Parking Lot, Raised Planter


Special Uses

Container, Erosion Control, Mass Planting


Attracts Wildlife


Information by: J.J. Neilson Arboretum
Photographer: Linda Engstrom,JJ Neilson
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  • Notes

Variegated Goutweed is a perennial ground cover. The leaflets are edged white. Set plants 1' apart. The leaflets may get scorched if in full sun but can be sheared off if burned. This plant is used for its foliage, not for its flowers. It is beautiful in shaded areas. This plant is fast growing and can be invasive.
Planting: 1. Dig a hole 1" less the depth and 2 times the width of the container. 2. Fill hole with water, let soak. 3. Set root ball in hole. 4. Fill hole halfway with native soil and water. 5. Finish back filling hole, build basin and water.